Swimming at Ya-Ya’s

After more than nine months on the market my mom’s house finally sold!  A family from Luxembourg (of all places) fell in love with the house.  They quickly snapped it up for their son before returning home.  The son is getting his degree from Florida Tech.  Apparently, the son and his wife and kids needed a place to live while attending Florida Tech.  Must be nice to have your parents purchase a house for you…

Mom has to be out by June 16th.  So, we need to take advantage of her pool as much as possible before she moves out.  Yesterday, I invited Steph and her kids to join us over at Ya-ya’s for a picnic lunch and some pool fun.

The little dudes enjoyed playing in the hot (not) tub:

Heeeeere fishy, fishy!

Cutie Pie enjoyed playing with the pool toys:

The older boys liked balancing on the planter ledge and then doing cannonballs from the waterfall.  I was impressed with how easily their swimming skills came back!  They haven’t been in the pool since last summer.  They did great!

T-bone has gotten really good at retrieving dive sticks from the bottom of the deep end.

I helped the little dudes swim around.  It was a great afternoon!