Father’s Day Post

Yes, I know this post is really late.  It’s been a busy week of errands, unexpected news, commitments and pre-wedding festivities (J and Wildman are in a wedding tomorrow).  It’s Friday morning and I’m finally getting around to blogging about last Sunday.  Man, where does the time go?

J didn’t want anything for Father’s Day.  He always says that…

“Don’t get me anything.”

I know that we’re putting in a pool and we’re trying to save money and cut costs where we can.  But, come on!  The boys and I had to acknowledge his special day with a little something.  So, I made him a chipboard DAD album filled with photos of his boys (haven’t photographed it yet).  The boys and I bought him a new surf shirt and surprised him with a lunch date at his favorite wing place, Frankie’s Wings and Things.  Wings are such a man thing, aren’t they?

A couple of weeks ago I had seen an ad from The Children’s Place showing these awesome “Son of Superdad” t-shirts.  After my date with Wildman we swung by the mall to pick up two.  J loved them!!!

Happy Father’s Day, J!!!!  You truly are Superdad and we love you so much!!!!

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