Swim Like a Fish

So, I love my water resistant camera!  I can get awesome shots like this one of Cutie Pie at Mom and Tot swim lessons.  That’s right, it’s that time of year again!  We’re in swim lessons for two weeks.  Every day for half an hour.  It’s an awful lot of effort for a 30 minute swim session but the boys love it.

Wildman is in his own class again.  He takes off as soon as we hit the pool deck.  He knows right where to go and does his thing.  I’m so proud of him.  He’s such a good little swimmer.

Cutie Pie is in the Mom and Tot class with me.  J has come a couple of times as well.  For the most part, Cutie Pie likes swimming but when the water is too cold or he’s tired, watch out!  He’ll scream 🙂

He’s doing very well with going under water.  We pass him back and forth.  He knows to hold his breath at the count of three and he kicks his little legs.  It’s very cute.

Of course, jumping in is a favorite activity.

I’m hoping to have Cutie Pie swimming without water wings by the end of the summer.  Once our pool is completed I think he’ll get plenty of practice.  🙂