Well I Was Moving at the Speed of Sound

Last night J, Steph, Big Red and I headed over here.

To see them.

Let me just say that they were AMAZING!  They performed an awesome set.  Chris sang just as well as he did on Idol and does on the radio.  The band was phenomenal as well.  It was a great evening.

In hindsight I can’t believe we actually secured tickets.  It was kind of a fluke really.  I periodically get Ticketmaster updates in my inbox.  Normally, I ignore them and eventually send them right over to the trash without so much as a glance.  But three weeks ago I decided to take a gander at what Ticketmaster had to offer.  Sure enough, there was the advertisement for Daughtry.  I made sure to mark my calendar for when the tickets went on sale and when the magic day and hour rolled around I made sure to log in right away.  I purchased four tickets without a hitch.  Later I found out that the show sold out in half an hour!  Go me!

Because no cameras were allowed in the House of Blues, I was left to try to capture our view with my crappy cellphone camera…

As you can see, we had a pretty great vantage point.  I could see the entire band clearly.  Every crazy Chris Daughtry facial expression was plainly visible.  We were standing in front of the stage about 15 feet away.  Standing because the HOB is pretty much a standing room only venue.  My feet are griping at me today for I wore cute heels that were not meant for comfort let alone standing for over 4 hours…  My voice is pretty much gone partly due to my sinus funk and partly due to screaming and yelling at the concert.  Whatever physical discomfort I’m felling today was totally worth it.  The concert rocked!