Preschool Art Project: Seeing Stars

I watched Steph’s boys on Tuesday while she was out at the hospital with her mom.  Each time they come over I try to do some sort of art project with them.  This time was no different.  I’d been thinking of this idea for several weeks; ever since Steph decided to make T-bone a space themed room.

When I was in the craft department of Walmart I noticed a little package of glow-in-the-dark foam stars.  I quickly snatched them up and my wheels began turning.  I had a stack of blue construction paper at home as well as a bunch of chalk.  I thought: how cool would it be to create some constellations for the boys’ rooms?!


Dot-to-dot drawings of constellations

Package of glow-in-the-dark foam stars

Blue construction paper


We began by choosing which constellation we wanted from a print out I made from the Internet.

Then I drew the dots on the construction paper for each boy and let them stick the stars on the dots.

Once the stickers were in place we drew lines connecting the stars to one another to form the constellations.

The best part for the children was piling into my closet to see the finished products.  The boys loved seeing their creations glow in the dark.

This project was another cheap, fun and easy activity!  I highly recommend it.


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