Mimi Update

The short story is that things are finally looking up for my aunt!  Hooray!

The dosage of her anti-seizure medication was cut way back and, viola, her motor skills, speech and memory improved tremendously.  Thank goodness!  She was beginning to worry everyone with her 99-year-old-like behavior.

Her headache is finally, finally gone.  It took a month for it to go away.  That kind of enduring pain is hard for me to imagine.  I’m so happy that it’s gone.  Not as happy as my aunt is to be sure!

Her pace-maker has given her renewed energy.  It paces about 30% of the time so life before it must have been pretty tiring with a struggling heart.

She’s not completely back to her old self but she’s doing markedly better.  She’s still out of work thanks to the FMLA.  She’ll be out until mid-October.  She so desperately needs this time to heal and just to slow down and breathe.  Her stressful pace and constant worry is what landed her in the hospital in the first place.

So, I’m writing to say a big THANK YOU to all of my friends who have prayed for my aunt.  It’s working!   Mimi is coming back to us.  Life is slowly getting back to normal around here for everyone.