There Goes the Neighborhood- Day 4

Yep.  Still there!


Tropical Oasis Coming Up!

J has had a grand tropical oasis vision for our backyard every since we moved in 4 1/2 years ago.  He imagined tons of lush tropical plants surrounding a natural rock pool.  The pool has become a reality and now it’s time for him to implement his landscape design.  He was in Heaven when we went to Discovery Cove for our anniversary.  The landscape there was exactly what J wants.

We had a family birthday party last week for the September birthdays.  The boys and I gave J a jump start on his botanical dream by gifting him with a red navel orange tree and a dreadlock croton.  My mom gave him a gift card to Lowe’s so he could pick out more plants.  J took advantage of the gift card in his pocket this afternoon by doing some serious plant shopping.  He came home with a truck bed full of great plants and got busy putting them in the ground.  Cutie Pie was happy to lend a helping hand.

I was especially happy to see that he picked up a night blooming jasmine for behind the hot tub.  That’s what he’s planting in the above photo.  I think it’s going to smell divine!