More from Less

The receptionist at the local recreation center where Steph and I teach Zumba e-mailed me earlier this week requesting class photos for the new bulletin board design that she’s putting together.  The bulletin board is in the lobby of the rec. center and most people who enter tend to take a look at what’s posted.  The current photos on the board are pretty old and faded.  Most of the classes are not offered anymore.  The board is in desperate need of some updating.

Well, I thought Great!  I’ll just take a few quick photos of our students this week, print them out and stick them under the door for the receptionist.  No problem.

In reality: problem…

Apparently, most of our students have been struck down by illness or this was a really, really off week because we had a poor showing in the rec. center classes.  Needless to say, that’s not a great set up for a photo.  How do you show a large group of people having fun, getting down with their bad selves when only 4 people show?

Anyway, I decided to get a little creative for the kids’ class photo.  Only ONE child came to class this week.  ONE!!! I knew I needed color and props and smiles.  So, I put the little boy on the open parachute, gave him an orange pom-pom and made some crazy faces so he would smile.  It came out great.  I have not asked his mom’s permission to share the photo on this blog so I won’t post it here.  But I will post the staged photo I took of my own kids and B’s daughter, Moose this afternoon.

I think it came out pretty great.  I love the all of the colors!  Hopefully, the staged photo and the one of the little boy who came to class will be enough to show that Zumba Kids is awesome for preschoolers.  And it is!  I look forward to the kids classes the most each week.  The music is great and the choreography is perfect so fun for kids and adults alike.

*sigh*  It’s frustrating that I couldn’t get a better depiction of what a real kids class looks like.


Countdown to Halloween

Yaya brought the boys this awesome Halloween countdown calendar from Pottery Barn Kids last weekend.  Last night I filled each pocket with tiny treasures like Hot Wheels cars, candy, gum, stickers and paint pens.  When the boys woke up this morning they were thrilled to find a new, fun Halloween decoration on the wall.  Today’s surprise was a little Hershey’s bar for each of them.  They saved their treats for an afternoon snack.  So cute!

I’m looking forward to this becoming a Halloween tradition in our family!