Painting Pumpkins

Yesterday was the kind of day that I love!  It was mild and breezy.  Just perfect for throwing open the doors and letting the air flow through the house.  No air conditioning required!  I have not been able to do this since early spring.  It’s been too darn hot and, unfortunately, it’s supposed to get hot again.  When these awesome cool days come our way we have to take immediate advantage of them because they surely won’t stick around.

B came over to play while Steph took our Tuesday morning Zumba class.  I had a couple of extra mini pumpkins sitting on the counter from our visit to the pumpkin patch.  When I suggested painting them Cutie Pie and B screamed YEEEESSSSS!

I located 5 tubes of Elmer’s washable paint.  It comes in these handy little paintbrush containers so there wasn’t much preparation or mess to clean up.  I let the boys go crazy with the colors.

Then we added some bling in the form of glitter.  (Yes, Cutie Pie’s shirt is on backward.  That’s what happens when little dudes dress themselves.)

The boys were so proud of their work!  I think they came out pretty darn cute too.

When Wildman came home from school and saw B and Cutie Pie’s creations he said that he wanted to paint a pumpkin too.  I immediately honored his request because he’s not a very artsy-crafty kid.  It’s a rare occasion when Wildman wants to do an art project.

I set them Wildman and Cutie Pie up on Cutie Pie’s little table in his room.  Since the Elmer’s paintbrushes had been used up earlier that morning we opted for old school painting.  Luckily, Cutie Pie’s little table is protected by a layer of vinyl that stapled on when we got it.  Clean up was a snap!

They look pretty nice, don’t they?