Happy Thanksgiving!

Two of the people I am most thankful for...


Will it Ever Get Too Cold to Swim?

I doubt it.

I am tired of the heat.  And the short sleeves.  And the sweating.

But the warm weather does have it’s benefits.  It helped with entertaining Wildman and his buddy who slept over last night.   The pool water is pretty darn chilly so I turned on the hot tub so the boys could run back and forth between the two.  They had a blast!

Until the cloud-to-cloud lightning began in the distance…  I wasn’t taking my chances and made the boys get out of the water.

After a quick shower the boys indulged in the cupcakes that my mom brought over.

This morning I had to enforce breakfast eating before they could hit the pool again.  You would have thought I was torturing them when I made them wait for me to get dressed before I opened the child safety gate.  The boys were undeterred by the brief rain showers this morning.  Luckily, there was no lightning accompanying the rain.

J came home briefly after dropping my SUV off to get the tires balanced so he jumped in the hot tub with kids.  I’m sure the neighbors appreciated all the ruckus coming from our backyard at 8 AM…

I’m glad Wildman’s friend got to come stay with us last night.  It was a lot of fun.  I feel like we’ve done so much already today and it’s not even noon yet!

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Friday was the boys’ preschool Thanksgiving feast.  J was able to join us which worked out well since each boy had his own celebration in different room.  We tag teamed them 🙂

Cutie Pie’s feast began at 11:15 AM in his classroom.  J and I met up with him and helped him fix his plate.

Wildman’s feast began at 11:30 AM in a room across campus.  I left J with Cutie Pie and rushed over to meet Wildman.

Here he is in the Native American costume that he made:

He named himself Fast Runner.  You can see his teacher in the background of the picture below.  She’s been teaching for 52 years!!!!  Nothing gets by her.  She’s very no nonsense and an excellent teacher with an apron for every month.

After I took a few photos and listened to Wildman’s class sing a couple of songs, I rushed back to Cutie Pie’s class so J could take a turn with Wildman. Cutie Pie’s class sang some really adorable Thanksgiving songs too.

It was a nice way to spend lunchtime on Friday.

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