Another Successful Shuttle Launch

Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center on this afternoon at 2:28 PM.  It was a gorgeous day!  I delayed nap time so we could go to the beach to watch the launch.  There won’t be many more to enjoy so we need to catch them while we can.

Although we can see the shuttle from our house we went to the beach for the unobstructed view.  On a very clear day (not today, unfortunately), if you squint and lean, you can make out the launch pad at the Cape.  It’s pretty amazing to live this close to KSC.

So, around 2PM we headed over to the beach.  Cousin B came with us too.

The boys enjoyed running around on the beach, collecting shells and getting sandy from head to toe while we waited for lift off.   Wildman got so sandy and wet that I made him remove his jeans before getting back into my car.  He thought it was pretty awesome to ride home in his underwear.


The launch went off without a hitch.  There were a bunch of people there to witness it including Wildman’s preschool friend.

Now that we’re back home, the boys are completely wiped out.  I’m looking forward to catching a little nap myself.


H and M Purchases

Orlando finally got an H&MAs I mentioned last week, the kids and I made a little trip over there to check it out.  Shopping with two boys is less meandering and browsing, more grab and go.  So, I grabbed some great items and prayed that they fit.  Which they did.  Yeah!

Here are a few photos of my purchases.  Forgive the towel on my head and the wet hair.  I took these pictures quickly after my post-Zumba shower and before I had to leave to pick up the boys at preschool.

Let’s start with the lounge pants.  They get an A+ for comfort.  I bought these in a medium.  I’ll say that they are a very generous medium which makes me feel good.  🙂  By the end of the day they get pretty stretched out and become kind of saggy, baggy though.  Since I don’t wear them out of the house, I really don’t mind.

They have a drawstring and pockets.  The pockets probably make me look a little saddle-bag-ish…

Onto the little black dress!  I love this dress!  I’m currently looking for an occasion to wear it.  The skirt and sleeves are very flow-y.  The empire waist and peasant neckline are quite flattering as well.

I have to share some photos of the shoes too.  These were not purchased at H&M but I think they rock, especially the bows.  Again, looking for an occasion to wear them…

Check out the awesome bracelet I picked up.  Don’t you love the colors?

Now the sweet, frilly tank top!  I’ve actually worn this out to dinner!  I really like how feminine this top is.  The pale pink sheer fabric and silver bead work is just lovely.

I did not wear this top with lounge pants like in the photo, however.

I put this cute gray sweater over it.

I love the silver threads that are woven into the sweater.  It’s a nice touch.

The last thing that I purchased during my grab-n-go shopping trip was this sweet white flower.  It can be worn as a pin on a jacket or sweater.  It also has an alligator clip so it can be worn in your hair as well.  I am not able to currently locate my sweet, white flower and suspect that my two little culprits have made off with it.  I’ll question them later.

I’m pleased with all that I was able to find especially when I was warned that they had nothing but winter stuff in stock.  Sweaters and heavy coats just won’t do for Florida winters.  I was pleasantly surprised by their selection of non-winter wear.