Another Successful Shuttle Launch

Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center on this afternoon at 2:28 PM.  It was a gorgeous day!  I delayed nap time so we could go to the beach to watch the launch.  There won’t be many more to enjoy so we need to catch them while we can.

Although we can see the shuttle from our house we went to the beach for the unobstructed view.  On a very clear day (not today, unfortunately), if you squint and lean, you can make out the launch pad at the Cape.  It’s pretty amazing to live this close to KSC.

So, around 2PM we headed over to the beach.  Cousin B came with us too.

The boys enjoyed running around on the beach, collecting shells and getting sandy from head to toe while we waited for lift off.   Wildman got so sandy and wet that I made him remove his jeans before getting back into my car.  He thought it was pretty awesome to ride home in his underwear.


The launch went off without a hitch.  There were a bunch of people there to witness it including Wildman’s preschool friend.

Now that we’re back home, the boys are completely wiped out.  I’m looking forward to catching a little nap myself.


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