Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

Friday was the boys’ preschool Thanksgiving feast.  J was able to join us which worked out well since each boy had his own celebration in different room.  We tag teamed them 🙂

Cutie Pie’s feast began at 11:15 AM in his classroom.  J and I met up with him and helped him fix his plate.

Wildman’s feast began at 11:30 AM in a room across campus.  I left J with Cutie Pie and rushed over to meet Wildman.

Here he is in the Native American costume that he made:

He named himself Fast Runner.  You can see his teacher in the background of the picture below.  She’s been teaching for 52 years!!!!  Nothing gets by her.  She’s very no nonsense and an excellent teacher with an apron for every month.

After I took a few photos and listened to Wildman’s class sing a couple of songs, I rushed back to Cutie Pie’s class so J could take a turn with Wildman. Cutie Pie’s class sang some really adorable Thanksgiving songs too.

It was a nice way to spend lunchtime on Friday.