Christmas Craft: Simple Tree Ornaments

I have a bunch of craft sticks leftover from last year’s ornament project that Wildman made.  Cutie Pie loves to work on art projects so I thought I’d let him and Cousin B work on some ornaments of their very own last Tuesday morning.  The surplus craft sticks were perfect for making ornaments again this year!

The night before I glued three craft sticks into the shape of a triangle (or Christmas tree in this case).  They were dry and ready for painting by morning.

I set the boys up on the outside bar with plenty of washable green paint and brushes.  They attacked the project with gusto.  Paint was liberally applied to the trees.

When they were finished painting I let them go play on the swing set while the paint dried.  I had to help it along a bit by blotting off the excess paint with a paper towel.  But don’t tell them that…

Ornaments, in the form of colorful pom-poms, were added when the paint had dried.  I let the boys squeeze a huge pool of white glue onto the craft paper work space.  They enjoyed dipping the pom-poms into the glue and pressing them onto the tree ornaments.

It was a simple and quick art project perfect for preschoolers.  They were so proud of their art work and were even prouder to hang them on their Christmas trees!