Ho Ho Ho!

We went to visit the big man yesterday!

Cutie Pie asked for a bigger bike and a bigger car seat…

Wildman asked for an ipod and a big bag of candy…

My children begged me to take them to the grubby mall playground when we were finished with Santa.  I gave in their request, grudgingly.

I heavily hand-sanitized my kids when they were finished climbing on all of the toys.  It was worse than a backwoods ball pit…  Gross!

And all of these boys were there getting all confrontational with each other while their parents sat obliviously texting their freinds…  We didn’t stay long.  I can’t stand the mall.

We stopped by Starbucks on our way to the car.  A grande, non-fat peppermint mocha for me, a kids hot cocoa for Wildman and a chocolate milk for Cutie Pie.

We rushed home in time to meet J for our annual family Christmas card photo in the backyard.  We changed it up this year.  No sitting in front of the tree!  We gathered round the pool with the tiki torches ablaze…  It was glorious!