Bet you didn’t know that Santa spends the days leading up to Christmas on top fire engine cruising the streets of our town.  Well, he does.  We have photographic evidence.

The boys got word that Santa would be making the rounds in our neighborhood on Sunday night from 6 PM to 9 PM.  It was all they could talk about all. day. long.  When 8:30 PM rolled around and we heard the fire engine’s siren on the street behind us, we knew Santa would be driving by soon.  We rushed outside to wait in the chilly night air.  Wildman and Cutie Pie did a dance of joy.

We were all excited for Santa to come.

Visual contact is made:

Santa’s glorious approach!

Ho! Ho! Ho!  Bye, Santa!

Santa must have read The 4-hour Workweek… How else was he able to be gallivanting around Satellite Beach 5 days before Christmas?!


He’s Five!

Happy 5th Birthday, Wildman!

Hope you have a great time at Disney with Nana and Papa today!

You’re the one who made me a mother.  I love you so!