Too Cold for Manatees

Have you ever wondered what manatees do when it’s too cold outside?

Probably not but I’ll tell you anyway.  They seek out protected shallow canals and huddle close together.  We’re fortunate enough to live a block away from one such protected shallow canal.  From my previous post you know that it’s been darn cold around here as of late.  The little canal has been thick with manatees for over a week now.

A local news van’s antenna caught my attention when I was driving by the canal on my way to pick up the boys from preschool.  I glanced over to see a crowd of people looking into the water and taking pictures.  It looked like a good opportunity to show the kids some of the local wildlife.

On our way home, we stopped by the canal.  The boys were thrilled to see the mammals up close.  Every time a manatee came up to breathe the boys would shout, “I see a nose!!!!”

I hope the poor sea cows don’t freeze to death.  Temperatures have been in the twenties at night lately and the manatees are just not used to this kind of weather.  😦


A Chance of Snow and Sleet- Seriously?!

This weather alert was in my inbox this morning:
Good morning Amanda,

Brian Shields

Yes…a chance of snow!
Meteorologist Brian Shields
Fantastic!  Mother Nature knows I live in Florida right?

Look at that!  Saturday- snow.  SNOW!!!! And I think there’s even a flake coming out of that cloud for today.  I’m not cut out for this.  My blood is thin!  I’m a cold weather weakling!

I doubt that it will snow enough to accumulate, let alone build a snowman, but still…  ACK!