Friday was Cutie Pie’s class celebration for his birthday.  Monday is his actual birthday (and mine) but school will not be in session due to the MLK holiday.

I whipped up these goody bags for Cutie Pie and his classmates.  I found the adorable robot bags in the $1 bin a Target a while ago.  I snatched them up and put them back just for this occasion.  The bags are filled with little bags of Chex party mix, a super bouncy ball and a tub of play dough.

For snack, I brought in one of Cutie Pie’s favorite things- powdered doughnuts and orange juice!

I cannot believe that my baby will be three in a few days!

We’re planning to take him and Wildman to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate.  Stay tuned for pictures from what promises to be a fun weekend!


Under the Weather

This little man (with the cowlick)  stayed home from school on Wednesday.  He had a runny nose and was feeling pretty bad.  He watched a lot of television and sat on the couch.

I did manage to talk him into painting though.  He sat at the dining room table creating his masterpiece for half an hour or more.  That’s pretty much unheard of for Wildman.  He was also very deliberate with his painting.  Normally, he would just stir all of the colors together, slap a few strokes on the paper and call it done.  Not on Wednesday.

My oldest child is growing up so fast.