Valentine’s Craft: Heart Crayons

Okay, so, I found a set of adorable heart-shaped pans and my gears began turning.  I envisioned melting crayon bits to make heart-shaped crayons for the boys to give out to their classmates for Valentine’s Day.  The pans have been sitting around the house for weeks now waiting for the right moment.

Today seemed like the right moment- Cousin B was staying with us because his parents had to work, B dropped by with Moose, Cutie Pie was game.  We had a full house of preschoolers ready to peel some old crayons that we’d inherited from J’s aunt.

The kids were very focused on peeling the wrappers off of the crayons.  It was so cute.

They enjoyed breaking the naked crayons into small pieces and tossing them in the bowl even better!

They took turns filling the hearts with crayon bits while the oven preheated to 250 degrees.

They went into the oven for 15 minutes.  Well, not exactly 15 minutes…  I checked on the crayons halfway through and discovered a melty, nasty mess in my oven!

It turns out that the cute heart-shaped pans that I had purchased for our craft were not silicone!!!  They were regular old plastic.  ICE CUBE TRAYS!!!  No where on the label did it say “plastic” or “silicone” or “do not put in oven”.  I just assumed they were silicone since most things are silicone these days.  Crap!

The whole house filled with a waxy, plastic-y smoke.  Luckily I had the sliding glass doors already open.  I quickly turned off the oven and flipped on the vent fan.  Ugh!  It was such a mess.

Once the oven had cooled, B was able to pry the half melted ice cube trays from the oven rack.  There were little puddles of crayon wax all over the floor of the oven.  I warmed the oven back up to remelt the wax.  It was very easy to wipe up with paper towels.  Thank goodness!

I was able to salvage 9 heart-shaped crayons from the 24 we started with.  That’s enough for Wildman’s class.  I think Wilton makes a silicone heart muffin pan.  I’m going to try to locate one so I can make some more crayons for Cutie Pie’s class.

When I attempt round two of this project and actually assemble the Valentine’s cards, I’ll post again.  Stay tuned.  You have not seen the last of the heart crayons!!!



Steph and B surprised me with a trip to the spa on Tuesday night.  So glad I shaved my legs that afternoon!  We were there to celebrate my 34th birthday.  Steph and B packed a wonderful picnic dinner complete with wine which we enjoyed on the spa’s back patio.  It was a lovely evening.  Good food, good friends, good conversation.

Our massage therapists called us in to change at 7 PM.  Tammy was assigned to me and she was fabulous!  I’m pretty ticklish so getting me to relax in a massage is tough.  Tammy did it though.  She used her forearms on my back- amazing!

After our 1-hour massages, we retreated to the sauna.  Afterward, I was treated to a bonus birthday facial.  Woo hoo!

We had a wonderful evening at the spa.  It was a much needed break for all of us.  Here we are in front of the spa’s fountain.

Kindly ignore the fact that the top of my robe is wide open…  Yikes!  Don’t we look like silly, relaxed fools?

Not thrilled to be halfway to 68 but I am thrilled to have such wonderful friends!