Valentine’s Day Crafts and Other Lazy Day Fun

Steph taught our Zumba class Tuesday morning and my friend drove Wildman to preschool.  So, I got to lounge around in my PJ’s all morning long.  It was wonderful!

Cutie Pie spent some time reading while I folded and put away Wildman’s laundry.

Then he created a masterpiece on the back porch while watching our pool guy try to fix the hot tub leak.  It’s not fixed yet…  Grrrr.

We worked on those darn heart-shaped crayons again!  I found a proper silicone pan at Walmart.  Woo hoo!  Round two was a total success.

Cousin B came over while Steph went to Zumba around 10 AM.  We made some cute shakers with a Valentine’s Day theme.  I found the inspiration here.

The boys had so much fun embellishing…

…and filling the shakers!

But they enjoyed shaking their creations the most!

Shake, shake, shake!


Open Wide

The children had a cleaning appointment today at the pediatric dentist.  The pediatric dentist is waaaay cooler than our adult dentist.  Not personality-wise, toy-wise.  Both are equally fine doctors.

This was Cutie Pie’s first official cleaning and experience with x-rays.  We did an introductory visit about six months ago where he sat on my lap.  It was a nightmare.  He screamed and thrashed around like the dentist was killing him.  It was not a pleasant experience for anyone.

Much to my delight today was totally different!  I made sure to talk up how fun going to the dentist is and how Cutie Pie is such a big boy.  There’s nothing to be afraid of, just watch Wildman when he goes first, you’ll get your very own toothbrush at the end, blah, blah, blah.  It must have worked because Cutie Pie was a perfect angel.

He loved riding up and down in the big chair.  The sounds from the instruments did not scare him.  He loved talking to the hygienist and the dentist.  It was an awesome experience!

It helps that the good doctor has Nintendo DS’s for the kids to play with while they wait.

He also has a host of full-size retro arcade games in the waiting room as well as a train table.  Children love visiting his office.  Can’t say that I blame them 🙂

As a special treat after we finished as the dentist, I took the car for a spin through the car wash- a favorite errand for the boys.

Good times!  And no cavities!!!

Orange You Glad

When I drive home from the karate studio where I teach Zumba to the kiddos on Friday afternoons, I pass this awesome retro sign.  It’s painted on the side of an abandoned building.  The colors are so vibrant!  I’d love to have a framed print of this advertisement for my wall.  A few weeks ago, I decided to photograph it.  You never know when or if the old building that it’s painted on will be demolished.

Harvey’s Groves is a major grower of Indian River citrus in our county.  Their shop is located across US 1 from the abandoned building.  I’m not sure if the abandoned building used to be owned by a competing grower or if it was always owned by Harvey’s Groves.

I love the spinning orange man on top of Harvey’s building.  It’s not everyday that you see an orange in a suit…

I love imagining how it used to be around here when US 1 was the only major north-south road in the county.  Long before I-95 came along when cars did not have air conditioning and mosquitoes would take over summer evenings .  Back when little mom and pop citrus growers and packers would sell their fruit at roadside stands.  The roadside stands would be surrounded by citrus groves thick with the smell of orange blossoms (my most favorite fragrance).   There would be nothing for miles in either direction.

Several miles south is this little orange juice stand.  It reminds me of something that you would have found along Route 66.  It has long since been closed for business but our local rotary club preserved it.  Thank goodness.  Isn’t it adorable?!  I would hate to see something like this destroyed.

I’ll try to feature some more Brevard County coolness every once in a while.  I love learning about and seeing other places.  So, I’ll try to share with you some of the unique things about where we live.  Maybe I can inspire some of you to do the same?

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