Pump It Up Party

One of Wildman’s little lady friends had a birthday party on Sunday at Pump It Up.  J had to work all day installing a new network at his office so it was a nice distraction for the kids and me in the afternoon.

The boys had a blast bouncing around and playing with their friends.  I even got roped into going into the obstacle course and on the giant slide.  It’s a good workout if nothing else!

The birthday girl’s mom had imbibed a little too much at a wine tasting party the night before.  Ironically, the birthday girl’s preschool teacher was at the wine tasting as well… Awkward, I’m sure.  The mom had run a 5K on Saturday morning then drank a bunch of wine without much water.  She looked a little green at Pump It Up.  Bounce houses and screaming kids are the worst kind of torture for a pounding headache.  She did a good job hiding her condition though.  She was chief camerawoman while her husband played with the children.

Here is Wildman with the birthday girl.  Aren’t they cute?!

Wildman does not like many girls (because of their cooties or something) but he has remained buddies with the birthday girl.  So, that’s saying something!