Let me just throw this out there: We are not a football family.

As graduates of the University of Florida, I am pretty sure that it’s a sin.  How can Gators not be fans of football?  To some, it seems unnatural.

Anyway, we were invited to a Superbowl party on Sunday.  J’s kiteboarding friend hosted the get-together at his house in Cocoa Beach.  Despite our disinterest in the sport we decided to go.  We mainly went to socialize…

… and eat…  Oh, the food was fabulous!

Our hostess for the evening is an accomplished artist.  I had fun walking around their house admiring her work.  I wish I could paint.  Amazing!  My low light photography with my point-and-shoot camera does not do justice to her work…

Wildman was glad to see his friend, VG!

My shy little boy was happy to amuse himself at the pool table.

We decided to call it a night after the 3rd quarter.  The boys were wiped out from a fun weekend and they have school on Monday.  They zonked out right after their bath.

Congratulations to the Saints!  Even though I’m not a fan of football, I am a fan of underdogs.