A Lovely Day for the Zoo

Wildman brought his friend, VG, along with us to the zoo on Sunday.  I had heard that the cheetah exhibit would be opening in February.  Unfortunately, we were a week early for the cheetahs.  It did not stop us from having fun though!  And it gives us a reason to go back to the zoo next weekend.  Cheetahs!

Our family zoo pass expires at the end of this month so I’m all for getting as many trips in as we can.

VG’s preschool class has a stuffed pet snake named, Fast, who gets to go home with the weekly line leader for the weekend.  VG was the line leader last week so Fast got to join us on our zoo trip.  Fast has a diary of his weekend adventures with the children.  I made sure to take plenty of photos of him for VG’s mom to paste into the diary.

We spent a lot of time in the Paws On section of the zoo.  The boys built a fort with J.

I pretended to be a sea turtle and they rescued me…

They drove the mini fishing boat several times.

Eventually, we ventured out to see some animals but not before making some plaster molds of animal footprints.  Wildman wanted a deer hoof and VG chose a small bear print.  Cutie Pie wanted nothing to do with it.

We checked out the vultures.  Outside of the vulture cage is a scale that tells you how long it will take for vultures to devour your carcass.  Nice visual, no?  It’s fun trying to explain that to preschoolers too…

We spent a solid 4 hours at the zoo.  We did almost everything there was to do: animals, Paws On, zoo train, animal detective area, even a picnic lunch.  On the way out we hit the Wendy’s for a round of junior frosties.  The boys were exhausted and content as they inhaled their yummy treats.


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