Ya-Ya’s Birthday Par-tay!

We hosted a family get-together to celebrate my mom’s birthday on Saturday night.  If I ask her her age she tells me that she’s old enough to be my mother.  Really, she’ll be 58 on Tuesday but don’t tell her that I told you that…

I made that awesome hot wing dip I told you about, lemon-blueberry cream pie, chocolate-covered strawberries and mini tacos.  Our guests each brought a dish or two to share.  We had an appetizer extravaganza going on!  A regular heart attack feast!  Yum!

After eating ourselves into a coma we let Ya-ya open her gifts.

The boys especially liked the zebra trunk that J and I gave her…  We told Ya-ya that the boys came with the trunk.  🙂

Happy birthday, Mom!  We love you!


Ultimate Freedom

Zumba in the Park

Steph and I participated in a Zumba in the Park event on Saturday to raise money for a great cause!  Yes, I donned my hot pink hair extension.  Since we were doing the kids portion of the program it only seemed fitting to have pink hair.

We had a great turn out and terrific sunny weather.  It was a perfect day for outdoor Zumba!

The two ladies on the left coordinated the event.  They did a wonderful job.  I was honored that they asked me to participate!

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