Spring Break Day 2: Pump It Up

This photo of Cutie Pie reminds me of that Van Halen song… You know, “Jump”.  It’s been stuck in my head all day.

I took the four boys to Pump It Up against my better judgment on Tuesday knowing full well that every mom in Brevard County would be trying to get in there with their 3-8 year-olds…  It was as I expected.

Total chaos.

We arrived 10 minutes early and were the first ones to cross the threshold into the room with all of the bounce equipment.  It was awesome for about 2 minutes then we were surrounded by loads of screaming, shrieking children.

But we persevered and I didn’t lose anybody!  The boys had fun and lasted a little over an hour.  They were ready to go before the pop-in play time was up.  I heartily agreed and we bolted for the door as soon as we located their shoes and my purse.

We met Steph (after her Zumba class) and our friend, B, at the beach for a pizza lunch in the warm spring sunshine.  The kids enjoyed hanging out, digging in the sand and watching the hundreds of Spring Breakers party around us.  Once it became clear that the kids were not going to stop flinging sand at one another we decided to call it a day.

Cutie Pie hardly made it out of the beach parking lot before he fell fast asleep.


Spring Break Day 1: Bowling

Monday morning was rainy and nasty.  It was perfect weather for an indoor activity.  Since the boys had so much fun bowling at T-bone’s birthday party, Steph and I decided to take them back to the bowling alley.  Little did we know that Monday mornings are reserved for senior citizen bowling leagues…  We arrived at 10:30AM (soggy from our run through the sideways rain) to find every single lane occupied by the 65 and up crowd.  The rowdiest award went to the Red Hat ladies.  They know how to cheer, let me tell you!

We had to wait about 20 minutes for a lane so we let the boys play around in the arcade for a while. Isn’t the paneling lovely?  It felt like 1982 in there…

When our lane opened up we bowled as quickly as we could with 4 young boys who were getting hungry for lunch.  It was a lot of fun!

After we’d finished our 10 rounds, we turned in our shoes and headed for the car.  Luckily, the rain had stopped by the time we left.  We picked up some Happy Meals on our way back home.  Steph had an appointment with her attorney at 1 PM so I took her boys with me.

And then I proceeded to spend the rest of the day saturated in drama to the tune of Steph moving her things out of her house while she takes up temporary residence with her dad…  But that’s a story for another day.

More shenanigans are planned for Tuesday!

Spring Fling

Friday was the Spring Fling at the boys’ preschool.

It was also last day for Cutie Pie’s teacher, Ms. Toni.  I embellished a wooden letter “T” for her as a going away present.  Her husband was laid off from his job and they cannot make ends meet on her preschool teacher salary.  It’s such a sad situation and a testament to the awful economic times that we are in…  Ms. Toni is so sweet and loves the children so much.  She even gave us her phone number so that we can plan a park play date some time soon.  We will miss her!!!

The Spring Fling festivities were held indoors this year due to inclement weather.  The air conditioning was not turned on in the room was quite stuffy!  The air conditioner controls were locked up and lady who had the key was absent…  So, we made it work in cramped, hot quarters.  The kids didn’t seem to mind a bit.

J took part of the morning off and was able to spend time with Cutie Pie and his classmates.  He had to get back to work before Wildman’s class came out.  Unfortunately that’s the way life works sometimes.  I’m glad that he was able to be there for some of the fun though.  I know Cutie Pie loved having him there.  So did I!

The cupcake decorating/eating station was a huge hit!

Cutie Pie asked for a white turtle on his arm at the face painting station.

Cutie Pie also liked pinning the tail on the bunny.  They didn’t make the younger kids wear the blindfold.  🙂

After half an hour, it was time to go outside to see the ice cream man!!!  The preschool arranged for an ice cream truck to bring treats to the children.  Needless to say, they were thrilled!

Cutie Pie and Cousin B both chose ice cream sandwiches for their treats.  Yum!

Once the ice cream was devoured and a sugar high was firmly underway, we headed back to the classroom for an Easter egg hunt!  Ms. Toni had the children make their own Easter baskets earlier in the week.  It was so cute watching them hunt for the eggs.

When J left to go back to work, I headed back over to the sweltering hall to meet Wildman’s class and do the fun events all over again!

I love going in Wildman’s classroom.  There is so much to look at that I’m overwhelmed at first.  Mrs. H, Wildman’s teacher, let me stay for story time.  I can’t tell you how rare it was for me to be allowed into the classroom, let alone stay for story time!  Mrs. H is extremely old school and insists on parents leaving and picking up the children at the door.

While Mrs. H played the book on tape (!) for the children, I sat there trying to absorb all of the projects, posters, art, calendars, chore charts, etc. on the walls.  It’s so awesome to see all of the creative things Mrs. H does with the kids.  They seem to stay extremely busy each day.

The Spring Fling was a great way to kick off Spring Break!  We’re officially ready to party this week!  Stay tuned to see what shenanigans we’ve got planned.

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