Adventures in Produceland

So, I gave the organic co-op another try mainly because of the $6 credit they gave me for my missing produce from last week.  I did not have any expectations this time around.  But I did come armed with the list of items to check the inventory of my box.  Happily, everything was accounted for and looked wonderful.

The volunteer running the pick up yesterday was someone I’ve chatted with at the boys’ preschool.  She was very friendly and made the experience pleasant.

I also helped that pick up was scheduled an hour earlier this week which did not impede on Cutie Pie’s nap time.  We headed over to the abandoned shop (the front this time) after lunch.  The boys were so well behaved and interested in checking out the fruit and vegetables.

There you have it: one not so great experience and one good one.  I guess I’m even!

Here is the master list that was sent out on Monday:

1pt blueberries
.5# strawberries
1.5# tangerines
2.5# bananas
1 head romaine
1-2 tomatoes
1 cuke
.5# green beans
1.5# zuchinni
.75# red bells
.5# mushrooms
1# onion
2.5# sweet potato
I have a boat load of sweet potatoes this week.  Much more than the 2.5 lbs. listed…  Anyone have an amazing sweet potato recipe?  I mean a really, really good one?!  I don’t particularly care for sweet potatoes so I need something that will revolutionize the way I perceive this vegetable…  No pressure.