Homemade Pizza

When I got home from teaching my second kids Zumba class of a very rainy Friday, took a hot shower and changed into my pajamas, I suggested to the boys that we make homemade pizza for dinner.  They were SO excited to help.  It was getting late so I was not able to whip up a homemade crust.  Luckily we had a can of refrigerated dough at the ready.

The boys rolled out the crust (after washing their hands, of course) while I collected some spices, vegetables and sauce.  I love to add a sprinkling of Italian seasoning and garlic powder to the crust before the sauce and toppings go on.  It makes the crust so flavorful.  If I have a block of Parmesan cheese (which I did not this time) I will grate that on the naked crust as well.  Yum!

The boys loved swirling the sauce onto the crust with spoons.  It took them a while to achieve what they deemed perfection so I set to work on the vegetables.  J’s  favorite pizza in college had mushrooms and onions on it.  This week’s co-op selection happened to have some lovely mushrooms and purple onions in it.  Woo hoo!

Wildman insisted on making half of the pizza just cheese since he is not a big fan of onions.  Both boys like mushrooms and chose to eat a few raw slices while making the pizza but chose not to add them to their half.  Who am I to interfere with culinary genius?

After the cheese was added our pizza it was ready for the oven.  I took these photos at night in our dim kitchen.  They’re certainly not the best quality and I had to alternate between flash and no flash to get some of them.  Oh, well.  You get the idea 🙂

When our hot, bubbly pizza came out of the oven 12 minutes later we were ready to dig in.

I let the boys eat their salads and pizza first since J was tied up at work.  They exclaimed that this was the best pizza they had ever eaten.  I managed to resist the pizza goodness until he got home but it was really hard.  As soon as he got home we devoured our share.  It was awesome!  A perfect meal for a dreary day.


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  1. hairyshoefairy
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 00:00:21

    I love homemade pizza. Yours looks good! I’m not a huge mushroom fan but I can make a mean BBQ chicken pizza.


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