Kiteboarding Session

J is the one in the middle.

After our hopscotch session in the front yard, we joined J up at the beach with his buddies to watch them kiteboard.  It’s fun to watch them speed across the water with the kites.  I’m always afraid that they’re going to get to close to one another and their kite strings will cross and create a huge mess.  It hasn’t happened yet, thank goodness!

Wildman tried on J’s wetsuit before we left the house.  He looked so darn cute that I had to snap a quick picture.  He looks like a little person kiteboarder…

Geeg and her kids, VG and AL, met us up at the beach as well.  Wildman and VG are really good friends and play together so well.  I love watching them.  Geeg had just had her brows waxed.  Don’t they look great?  They remind me of how bad I’ve let mine become…

Once J’s kite was aloft, he gave the boys a few quick rides much to their delight…

When the guys hit the water Geeg and I sat back to watch the boys play in the sand and much on some snacks that I brought.  The kids had a great time as evidenced by their soggy, sandy clothes…

We stayed for probably an hour and a half watching J and his buds do crazy airs like this…

But I didn’t last too long on the beach.  The wind was so darn cold and I didn’t bring a jacket.  I herded the boys to the car, dropped Geeg and her kids off at their house across the street, then headed home to make dinner.  Thank goodness J and I drove separately!

It was one of those awesome spring evenings that make me so glad to live where we do!



The boys requested to play in the front yard on Thursday afternoon.  It was nice and warm so I happily agreed.  I sat in the grass flipping through some catalogs that came in the mail while the boys played t-ball.

When t-ball got boring I suggested that we play hopscotch on the sidewalk.  Wildman helped me find some chalk then requested that I draw the squares all the way down the sidewalk to the end of street.  He likes everything to be as big or as long as possible…  I declined but told him that I would draw up to 15 squares.  He seemed happy with that.

The thing about Wildman is that he must have his hopscotch game start with a “0” square instead of a “1”.  He made sure to grab the chalk from me to correct the starting position.  🙂  Then he tacked on a few more squares on the end of the game making it go all the way up to “18”.

Wildman played a few rounds while Cutie Pie rode his scooter.  Sometimes Cutie Pie would ride right over the hopscotch game much to Wildman’s chagrin.

I even gave it a try or two as well.  Wildman insisted on taking my picture…  I just noticed Cutie Pie fell off his scooter in the shot that Wildman took!  He never complained or cried.  Guess his fall wasn’t that bad 🙂

We played out front for about an hour then J came home on his motorcycle.

The wind was pretty strong which meant that J wanted to hit the beach with his friends for a kiteboarding session.  We all went with him.  Photos of that to come!

Kids Night Out

Late Tuesday afternoon Steph suggested that we take the boys out to dinner and a movie.  Since J had to work late and I did not want to cook, it was a fantastic idea!  I had recently come across the Ben and Jerry’s free ice cream cone promotion for March 23rd and suggested that we take advantage of it while we were out on the town.

We hit El Chico’s first for dinner.  Apparently Tuesday night is the time to go.  The place was almost completely empty.  We did not have to wait long for anything which is key with four active boys!

Steph and I had the chicken and spinach enchiladas- YUM!  The enchiladas came with a side of diablo corn.  That’s my favorite thing to say now.  DIABLO CORN!!!!

The older boys enjoyed corn dogs and fries…  So healthy, I know!

The younger boys had mac and cheese…  Cutie Pie at his entire portion!

The boys were very well-behaved in the restaurant.  I was so impressed!

After dinner we headed next door to Ben and Jerry’s.  The free cone line was around the building!  Steph did not want to wait.  She said that she’d rather pay for ice cream than wait in the line.  The only problem was that there was not another ice cream parlor near by.  I suggested we try it.  If the line moved too slowly then we’d just leave.  We could always go to the movie and buy the kids candy instead.  Again, so healthy!

We waited in line less than five minutes before a nice lady with a clipboard showed up.  She asked T-bone which public school he attended so she could make a tally.  Then she said if we could produce a penny from 1999 or earlier she would let us go to the front of the line!  I immediately whipped out my wallet and found my new lucky penny from 1980.  All six of us got a “Front of the Line” pass!  Yahoo!

In no time we were placing our order for three Cake Batter cones, one Chunky Monkey, one Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl and one Orange Cream sherbet cone!

It was so cute watching the boys wait for their cones.  They were sweet and said their thank yous when their cones arrived in their hands.  Wildman even saw one of the teachers from his preschool in line… with her husband… and dog…  She brought her dog to Ben and Jerry’s…

Amazingly, amidst all the chaos of free cone day, we were able to find an open booth to sit down!  All of us piled in to enjoy our sweet treats.

The ice cream hit the spot!

After polishing off our cones, we headed next door to the movie theater just in time to see the 7:10 PM showing of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  It was the only kids movie that was playing.  Wildman has the book and loves it.  The movie followed the book almost exactly.  It was great!  All of us laughed out loud.

I told Steph that we’ve kind of set the bar high for Spring Break considering we partied like rock stars on a random Tuesday school night!  🙂

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