A Trip to the Farmers Market

So, I’ve become slightly obsessed with making better food choices.  Ever since I watched Food, Inc. on pbs.org I have become disturbed by the practices used in the production of our nation’s food supply.  Quite frankly, I am horrified.  Go check it out.  Everyone needs to be better informed.

In light of my new food awareness I have sought out ways for our family to consume healthier items that are available locally.  Joining the organic produce co-op was one step.  Trying the organic produce delivery service was another.  I’ve also tried to incorporate more organic items into my grocery cart when I shop at Publix.  The truth is it’s darn expensive to be healthy!  But if you do it right by searching out coupons, promotions and buy only seasonal produce it can be much more affordable.

Another venue I discovered just yesterday is the Brevard County Farmers Market.  It’s is held every Thursday afternoon from October-June at a local park’s equestrian center.  What drew me to it was it’s advertisement for grass-fed beef.  When the boys and I checked it out though no such booth was set up and I was not sure who to ask about it.  We’ll have to go back next week because I was impressed with what we saw and bought.  I ended up with a gorgeous head of hydroponically grown lettuce, a tray of beautiful hydroponic tomatoes, two organic cucumbers, a loaf of amazing-looking iced cinnamon bread and two white chocolate dipped pretzels for the boys.

I never thought that I would be one of those organic, granola types…, and I’m not as fanatical as some folks (I still wear deodorant).  But I do feel like I need to be a better job of policing what goes into my body, my husband’s body and my kids’ bodies.  It’s the least I can do, right?


67 or Maybe Not…

Wildman’s preschool teacher asked for a parent volunteer to type up the Mother’s Day interviews that she conducted with her students.  I happily stepped up since I’m all about exercising my 9th grade typing class skillz.

I would like to share with you what my boy said:


Age 5

Sometimes my mother is funny.  I like to go to special places with her like the zoo.  I like when she has rings on.  She is beautiful all the time.  My mother makes good cookies.  I think she is 67 years old or maybe not…  If I could I would give her a ring.  My mother really likes to take me to fun places.

It’s just too sweet.  I love that boy of mine even if he thinks I’m 67 years old…

Fort Wilderness

Last week I received a text from my best buddy from back in the day, Dr. Cindita.  It said that she would be making a brief layover in Central Florida on her way to St. Kitts.  Would we be willing to meet up with her and her extended family for a cookout at their cabin at Ft. Wilderness?  If so, could we bring some paper plates, chips, salsa, lawn chairs, bug spray and an iPod docking station?

It’s been almost exactly a year since I’ve seen Dr. Cindita.  Too long!  I have missed her.  So, I immediately texted back with an emphatic YES!  We would be there with all of the supplies.

We were also excited to meet Dr. Cindita’s newest addition, Biscuit.  Biscuit is sweet little puppy that she and her husband found at a farmer’s market.  He’s what they are calling a CHUGAPOO…  Which would be part chihuahua, part pug and part poodle.  Whatever he his, he is precious!

Here’s their awkward family photo:

The cabin, as it turns out, was a glorified single-wide.  A darn nice, Disney-fied single-wide.  It accommodated our little party perfectly.  The boys especially loved climbing up on the bunk beds.  It would have been all over if I showed them how the Murphy bed worked in the living room though.  They would not have left it alone.  🙂

It was so great catching up with old friends if only for a few hours over grilled meats, s’mores and red wine in mason jars.  Life gets busy and money gets so tight lately that a year or more can go by before you see your out-of-state friends.  You have to grab these brief moments to see one another when you can.  I’m so glad we were able to do just that!

Happy early birthday, Dr. C!  Love you!

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