Spring Break Day 5: Boating

J took Friday off so that he and the boys could go boating.  He did not take the camera with him, however.  So, you’ll have to imagine them picnic-ing on an island, playing in the sand and paddling the child-size surfboard around in the river.  They had a blast!  I did manage to capture J cleaning the boat when they returned though 🙂

I ran a bunch of errands while they were gone: gas station, car wash, Wal-mart, lunch, pedicure, Lowe’s and Publix.  When I came home I told J that I was flopping down in the inflatable boat in the pool with my clothes on.  It was such a nice day.  I just wanted to float around and soak up the sun.  So, that’s what I did!  It was wonderful!

My version of boating was so relaxing 🙂

I’m digging my hot pink toes.  I think they look very spring-y!

This concludes my Spring Break re-cap posts.  Hope you all had/have/are having a great Spring Break as well!