Park Play Date

Thursday is a free day for Cutie Pie and me.  No Zumba.  No preschool.  No commitments.

A friend asked us to join her play group for a park day last Thursday morning.  We happily agreed since the weather was gorgeous and Cutie Pie loves to be outdoors.  The park we met at is really awesome.  It’s located right on the river with lots of picnic tables, a huge pavilion, pathways and an awesome pier.

I’ve taken my boys to this park many times over the years and have learned one thing: go during the morning or afternoon.  Once late afternoon or early evening hits, sketchy people start hanging out there.  I made the mistake of stopping by this park late one afternoon.  There’s nothing like being leered at by vagrants to make you stay away from a park…

Lucky for us, last Thursday morning was weirdo-free.  The children had a wonderful time playing on the playground and running out onto the pier.  Cutie Pie made quick work of his snacks and juice.  When he asked for more snacks to fuel his play, I told him that he had already finished everything that I brought.  That was enough for him to request to go home 🙂  After 2 hours, it seemed about that time anyway.

Here he is in the car so excited to be going home for more food and a swimming play date with Cousin B in our pool.


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