Wildman Rides Again

Bike Day is coming up this again and Wildman is determined to ride his bike without training wheels this year.  You know, “I’m five”,  “I’m independent”,  “I’m not a BABY”.  Last weekend he asked J to take his training wheels off so he could practice.

This was Wildman last spring trying out two wheels for the first time on a local sports field:

He did surprisingly well for his first time.  But he got frustrated after a while and asked to have his training wheels put back on his bike.  We obliged and did not push him to keep riding without them.  We figured that when he was ready to try again he would let us know.

Last weekend he let us know.

He took off down the sidewalk in a flash!

There he goes!  He was so proud of himself.

His only problem is starting to ride from a parked position.  He’s not quite sure how to handle the push off, peddle and balance that the take off requires.  But he’s getting there.  J lowered his seat a bit and that helped a lot.  J is also going to Bike Day on Friday with his tools and the training wheels just in case…

What a difference a year makes!  We’re so proud of Wildman.

*** I just realized that J is wearing the same shirt in both sets of photos.  I guess that’s his teaching-a-kid-how-to-ride-a-bike shirt***