Bike Day 2010

Wildman made his two-wheeled bicycle debut at Bike Day on Friday!  I was not able to attend the event due to a prior Zumba Kids commitment so I sent J to the preschool with strict instructions to take lots of pictures.  He did not disappoint.

From what I understand, Wildman was the most heavily padded participant.  But we weren’t taking any chances given that he’d just begun his two-wheeling only a few short days ago!  He took a handle bar to the ribs on Thursday night while practicing.  We weren’t sure he’d ever want to get back on his bike without the security of training wheels.

But he surprised us at Bike Day.

He didn’t need any help from J as he made the circuit around the church campus.  He was so excited that he was able to ride on the section designated for Two-Wheel Riders Only!!!

This boy of mine is growing by leaps and bounds.  I’m not sure how I’m going to handle Kindergarten registration on Monday…


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