I Think I’m Getting Old

The area just above my left ankle has hurt since last Tuesday.  It’s a dull, persistent pain that occurs when I walk or flex my foot outward.   There is no swelling and I cannot pinpoint an exact event that would have resulted in an injury.  I ignored it all last week thinking it was shin splints.  When the discomfort did not go away by the weekend, no matter how much Icy Hot I massaged on, stretches I performed or ibuprofen I took, I began to worry.  What if I seriously injured my leg by continuing to teach Zumba?

That’s when I made up my mind to see the doctor on Monday morning.  Of course, that was the same morning that Wildman was struck down with the strep bug that Cutie Pie had previously had.  Awesome!  I had to take a sickly little boy with me for my appointment and x-rays.  He shivered and whined the whole time we were there (2 long hours).  I felt so bad for him but there was not much I could do.  I had to get my leg checked out.

The x-rays did not show a fracture.  I guess hairline fractures don’t always show up anyway.  So, they fitted me with a not-so-supportive splint thing and told me to take 2 Aleve twice a day.  I am supposed to stay off of it too.  That’s easier said than done with two active little boys.  I am also supposed to go back in a week if I am still experiencing pain.

I almost wish there was something on the x-ray because now I have this mysterious pain in my leg that  hasn’t gone away for over a week.  The Aleve is not touching it.

The thing is, the pain is not very intense.  I can walk.  It’s more uncomfortable than anything.  What if I’m making a big deal out of nothing?  I could probably go back to teach Zumba and just muscle through the discomfort with my ankle wrapped.  But should I do that?  I don’t know…

I’m so frustrated with myself.  I’m getting old.


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  1. Paul
    May 05, 2010 @ 11:13:41

    If it hurts that is your body saying you need to take a break, maybe you could skip a few classes of zumba and see if that helps. Don’t be frustrated, that stress does more damage to your body than anything else. In my 20’s I was unstoppable, In my 30’s I ignored the pain, now that I’m in my 40’s (gasp) every day is a new pain somewhere, but the journey was worth it.


  2. bethany actually
    May 05, 2010 @ 11:44:24

    Don’t ignore the pain! If you have a small injury and you ignore it, you could make it much worse and end up requiring much longer to recover from it. Taking the Aleve is a good idea even if it doesn’t seem to be helping with the pain, because it’s actually an anti-inflammatory that will keep the injury from getting too inflamed and prevent further injury. And I know it’s not easy with two little boys, but take it easy as much as you can! Give yourself permission to sit around, elevate that foot, and avoid putting weight on it for a few days.

    I know how hard that is from experience. I sprained my ankle badly years ago and it took me a week on crutches, a month of elevating it on pillows every time I sat or laid down, and months of wearing an elastic ankle brace before it was healed enough that I could run on it without pain. I had so many people telling me at the time, “Oh, I sprained my ankle back in the spring of ’82 and it’s never been the same since!” that I was determined to let it heal completely. It still aches sometimes when it’s going to storm (seriously!) but I’ve never had any major problems with it since.


  3. onescrappygal
    May 09, 2010 @ 16:46:39

    I hate those nagging, annoying aches and pains. I hope it feels better soon. 😦


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