Mother’s Day Recap: Part II

I wanted to cruise the local canals in our boat for Mother’s Day so J unearthed our micro yacht from the garage and made my wish come true.  It was a stunning Sunday afternoon.  Just perfect for being out on the water.

As we were pulling away from the boat ramp we saw this party pulling in:

They asked us if we had seen an ambulance yet because their friend had hurt his foot on the boat’s propeller.  Ouch!  If you look closely in the photo you will see his leg bandaged in a towel wrapped with a dog leash.  The ambulance arrived just as we were leaving.

When we were sure that the wounded guy was receiving proper medical attention for his injury, we set off.  Full speed for the canals!

The boys spent much of their time on the bow of the boat taking in the sights.  When they weren’t up there they were asking for snacks and drinks…  They devoured what we had packed in the cooler in the first 10-minutes of our trip.  They spent the rest of our outing complaining that they wanted more.  I’ll have to remember to pack a ton of supplies for next time…

We saw some interesting things on our trip, like this three story garage:

This couple taking a nap:

This ginormous house:

The boys got to see Mathers Bridge open from the water.  They’ve seen it open while waiting in traffic on the bridge but they’ve rarely seen it open from the boat.

We continued on to Dragon Point.  A green concrete dragon used to be perched on the far south tip of Merritt Island.  It was a neat local landmark.  Unfortunately, years of hurricanes and neglect have resulted in this:

Here’s her head:

Here is a baby dragon:

The dragon is nothing more than a pile of twisted re-bar and green concrete chunks today.  So sad.  You can read more about the dragon and see intact photos here.

What’s just as tragic as the state of the dragon is the house at Dragon Point:

The 5700 sq.ft. home has become an abandoned mess.  You can tell that it once used to be a pretty nice place with lots of windows, levels and decks.   You can’t beat the location!

Hey!  It’s for sale!  A steal for $1.25 million.

It’s not exactly a fixer upper.  It’s more like a demolish and start over…  But wouldn’t it be nice to live at the tip of a peninsula where two rivers meet?  I’d sit out on my deck to watch the sunset every single night.  It would be heavenly.

Once we rounded the south tip of Merritt Island we turned around and headed for home.  NY style pizza was calling my name!