Mr. Science

The man in the blue shirt is Mr. Science.

Mr. Science runs the lab at our town’s community center.  He teaches various science-y themed classes for children ages 5 and up.  I’d heard good things about his classes from other moms and decided to sign Wildman up for the month of May.  This month’s theme is Geniuses and Inventors.

So far, the children have built a paper plate computer and have constructed a better mousetrap.

Mr. Science is one of those very charismatic people.  The children hang on his every word.  They love him!  He is so patient with the kids who interrupt him, the kids who do not stay on task, the kids who tell rambling stories, etc.

The laboratory looks like something from my great grandfather’s basement.  There is crap everywhere!  He has several gigantic homemade Van de Graff generators.  He has a moped, an old pinball machine, a miniature stage set up for a rock concert complete with amps, electric guitars, keyboards and a mic, a ping pong table, an ancient black and white Samsung television with a dial, a rack of dress up clothes, dinosaur bones, old computers, boxes of who knows what, etc.  It’s insane.  There’s so much to look at that it takes some time to absorb it all.

I’m happy to see Wildman enjoying himself in class.  He really looks forward to going.  I wish I had known about Mr. Science’s classes sooner.  He’s taking a break to teach camps for the summer and Wildman is too young for the camps.  The weekly classes resume in August.  I’ll have to make sure I register Wildman.


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