School’s Out for the Summer!

I left two cans of shaving cream sitting on the kitchen counter last week to tempt Wildman.  Really I was just too lazy to put them away.  Wildman didn’t see it that way.  I’m pretty sure he thought I left them there to torture him… Because he remembered how fun shaving cream could be.

I had planned to let the boys play with it when we had time and they were bored.  Every single day that the shaving cream was on the counter Wildman asked me when he could use it.  By Saturday morning, he had worn me down.  I gave in.

“Fine!  Go put on your bathing suits and meet me on the porch for sunscreen,” I exclaimed.

In no time at all both boys were suited up and waiting anxiously for me to slather them in SPF 85.  They could hardly contain their excitement at the prospect of making a huge foamy mess!

I don’t know what it is about kids and shaving cream but it’s the best entertainment on warm, sunny days.  They occupied themselves for well over an hour.

They pretended to shave.

They gave each other faux hawks.

A quick jump in the pool was all it took to clean off.

I do believe that I’ll be stocking my cupboards with more cans of shaving cream.  The boys will want to do this again this summer, I guarantee!


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  1. Angela
    May 24, 2010 @ 21:36:37

    Back when I worked in daycare we would fill up small shoeboxes with shaving cream, then hide small toys in in for the kids to find. They loved it!


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