Star Wars Pancakes

The boys and I made pancakes last week using the Star Wars pancake molds I told you about.  I cannot stress the importance of cooking spray enough in this process.  This was my first attempt at using molds and the first couple of pancakes did not turn out so well…

It was smooth sailing once I discovered the magic releasing power of spray oil.  As you can see, Yoda had to be green.

The pancakes were huge!  I gave each of the boys two which they could not finish.  Wildman insisted on topping his with Cool Whip.  I ended up eating the boys’ leftovers as my breakfast 🙂  Yum!

Now that I know the secret of how to make Star Wars pancakes it will be fun have them for breakfast every once in a while.  They’re just tedious enough that I won’t make a habit of using them every time we make pancakes.


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