A couple of weeks ago we invited B’s kids over to swim, play on the zip line and have lunch with us.  B had to run a friend’s mom to physical therapy and we were more than happy to have the kiddos over while she was running her errand.

I got quite a workout helping the children zoom across the backyard on the zip line.  There’s no easy way for them to retrieve the handlebar themselves so I wore a path from the kiddie pool at the end of the line to the starting platform.  Whew!  Was it ever hot that day!

I hope to share some photos from a real life zip line through the Costa Rican rain forest soon 🙂

The kids thought it would be fun to add even more water to the experience by shooting each other with water squirters…

I cannot believe that summer is almost over for these guys!  The first day of school is August 9th!


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