This post is not an advertisement but I’m sure it will sound like one…  I use McCormick’s Grill Mates all the time when we barbecue meat.  I’m a fan of every flavor that I’ve tried so far.  I had never seen the Brown Sugar Bourbon variety before so I picked it up with thoughts of kabobs in my head when I saw it at the grocery store several weeks ago.

My friend, B, and I still exchange dinners each week.   Two weeks ago I was struggling to come up with something to make for our swap until my eyes landed on the Grill Mates in my pantry.  KABOBS!

I dashed to the store for a huge sirloin steak to marinade.  When it had sat in the spicy goodness for several hours, I cut it up and speared steak chunks with mushrooms, orange and yellow bell pepper, grape tomatoes and Vidalia onions.  The end result was a platter full of yummy looking skewers.  I so wish I had taken a photo of the kabobs because they were beautiful!

J was out of town for his grandmother’s funeral on the night I grilled them so I shared our portion Steph and her kids.  Don’t worry though, the steak I bought was so huge that I had plenty of leftovers for J when he arrived home the next day.  J didn’t miss out on the yummy goodness 🙂  The marinade made the meat taste incredible!  I will definitely have to purchase that one again.

Just thought I’d share.