Chocolate Jello?

“Mom!  We have chocolate Jello?” asked Wildman incredulously on Sunday afternoon as if I’d been keeping it a secret.

“Um, I don’t think there is such a thing as chocolate Jello.  Did you find some pudding in the pantry?  Let me see the box,” I said trying to imagine a clear, gelatinous brown blob.

He shoves the box at me.  “See, the box says ‘chocolate’ and ‘Jello’.  I want to make chocolate Jello.  Let’s do it, Mom!  Let’s make chocolate Jello.”

“The brand is Jello but this is chocolate pudding,” I tell him.

“Can we make it?” he asks again.


“I want to pour in the milk.  Can I pour in the milk?  Ohh, the mixer!  Can I use the mixer?  I want to use the mixer.  And lick the beaters!  I want to taste the pudding after it’s all mixed up!  Mom!  I want to sit on the counter.  Can I pour in the milk?”