Boating on Sunday

Sunday was the kind of day where it would have been a crime to stay inside.  It was glorious!  The sun was shining, a cool breeze blew and the temperatures were finally not similar to those found in hell.

J suggested that we take the boat out to see how it ran with new gasoline.  When we test drove it it ran a little rough and had trouble getting on plane.  And really we didn’t test drive it at all.  The previous owner drove it while we rode along.  J suspected that the carburetor needed cleaning but wanted to drive it himself to see.

While we were initially able to get the boat up on plane, it didn’t happen again.  We found that the engine wanted to sputter and stall when pushed to full power.  So, we were stuck at a slow cruising speed for our time on the water which was fine with us.

Our boat is so tall now that Mathers Bridge has to open for us.  That has never happened before!

The couple of hours that we spent on the river cruising the canals and testing the limits of the engine proved to be exhausting for Cutie Pie.  We decided to head back in so I could make tacos for dinner.

J ended up taking the boat in for service on Monday.  We’re crossing our fingers that whatever needs to be fixed won’t be too costly!