I took my boys and T-bone over to walk Chloe on Saturday evening.  Chloe is my friend, B’s, dog.  B  was working the night shift at the hospital and her husband and kids were out of town camping.  B was concerned that Chloe might get a little lonely with everyone gone so I volunteered to look in on her.  Actually, I wanted Chloe to come stay with us for the weekend but B didn’t want to give her up 🙂

The boys were super excited to walk her around the block.  Chloe was over the moon too.  I could not get a clear photo of her because she was in constant motion!

I’m bummed that this photo of the boys came out so blurry.  I really like it though.  We took a little break halfway around the block so Chloe could sniff some trees and the boys could collect snail shells.  They’re so cute 🙂

We eventually returned Chloe to her house where she eagerly slurped water from her bowl then promptly laid down.  She looked quite tired with her tongue hanging out.

We don’t have pets so it was a special treat for the kids to spend time visiting a friend’s dog 🙂