Field Trip to a Vet

Today was Cutie Pie’s class trip to visit a vet’s office.  It was so close that we were able to walk from the preschool.  I’m sure we made quite a sight crossing a major road in one long line of tiny children and adults. Once at the vet’s office we were greeted by the most adorable set of stairs!  I love the purple paint and paw prints!

We visited with the doctor and her two-year-old son in one of the exam rooms.  She showed us all of her exam tools and gave each of the children a piece of paw-printed bandage.

Mr. Teddy Bear was in the operating room for a bad stomach ache.

One of the veterinary technicians showed us how they use a “cat bag” to handle crazy cats.  It was pretty funny trying to imagine stuffing a wild cat into a bag…

After a short story about animal helpers, the children picked up their goody bags (complete with Scooby snacks) and we headed back to school.  If we had animals and needed a vet, I would totally take them to the office we visited today!  The staff was so sweet and the office was so charming!