Cocoa Beach Air Show

The Cocoa Beach Air Show was last weekend.  I decided to take the boys up to see the action on Sunday to get them out of J’s hair while he worked on the new driveway.

It was a well-staged event with group after group of low-flying aircraft buzzing the beach.  I don’t know my planes very well so I can’t specify exactly what we saw but there were plenty of acrobatic stunts by biplanes, helicopter maneuvers, refueling demonstrations and the Thuderbirds also made an appearance.

We enjoyed watching the Geico skytypers write long messages in a circle above the beach.  I am amazed at how accurate the 4 skytyper planes had to be to create the letters!  So cool.

I packed a picnic lunch and our big beach blanket.  I didn’t think to bring an umbrella though.  It was so hot out there on the sand.  The kids did not last much over an hour.

Luckily we had the cool ocean water to dip our feet in but didn’t completely do the job.  We were sweltering.

I didn’t pack our bathing suits either…

It was a great event to witness though!  It was awesome to see how many people turned out to watch it.  We’ll definitely be going back next year!


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