Jack Be Nimble

Seems like I didn’t post this yet!

On October 29th, Wildman’s kindergarten class put together a little program in the classroom in lieu of a Halloween party.  Each child was asked to select and learn a nursery rhyme.  They were also asked to dress up as the character or bring in appropriate props to go with their selection.  Wildman chose Jack Be Nimble.  Short and sweet!  The candlestick prop was easy enough to arrange.  Since there was no costume for Jack, per se, I ended up puffy painting “Jack” on the pocket of a plain white t-shirt.

Each of the 15 children in the class was able to recite his or her chosen rhyme perfectly!  I was so proud of all of them.  Afterward, Mrs. Lacy asked the children to line up so they could do a little parade through some of the other classrooms on campus.  While Wildman and J went out to do the parade.  Cutie Pie and I stayed behind to help set up the refreshments for a small party.  It was such a fun afternoon!  I love the way this program helped to boost the confidence of the children.