Arrow Chief’s Feast

Yesterday was the last day of school before the Thanksgiving holiday.  I spent the morning preparing my great grandmother’s fabulous cranberry salad for our family gathering in Orlando on Thursday.  It’s the most simple recipe with most amazing flavor.  One bite and I am transported back to my great grandma’s house.  There is magic in food, especially this time of year.  Remind me to post the recipe some time.

J was able to leave work to attend Wildman’s feast.  We arrived just in time to see the class check out Fred.  Apparently a family in the town just south of us has a pet turkey that they were taking around to local schools on Tuesday.  The turkey’s name is Fred and he is 9 months old.  He seemed to enjoy the children’s company quite a bit and made a show of gobbling every few minutes.  The kids thought he was the coolest thing!  I have to admit I thought he was pretty awesome too 🙂

I am happy to report that Fred will not be Thanksgiving dinner for anyone since he is a pet!

We went back to the classroom with the children after our visit with Fred.  Mrs. L had put all of the tables together to form a long banquet table down the center of the room for the feast.  Parents brought in all sorts of goodies from turkey slices to brownie bites to mac and cheese.  I was in charge of drinks and brought in a cooler full of Capri Suns.

J helped Arrow Chief fix his plate.  Mrs. L made homemade dinner rolls.  The children made the butter themselves!

The feast got two thumbs way up from Arrow Chief!

We spent a lot of time watching the children perform Thanksgiving songs/poems.  J and I also went around the room checking out all of the awesome art projects!

It was a wonderful way to spend lunch.  Wildman really has a great teacher and is in class with some of the nicest families I’ve ever met.  Fellowship like this is what Thanksgiving is all about.