Meeting the Big Man

I took the boys to visit Santa a little early this year.  We made the trek to the mall with Yaya on November 24th- the day before Thanksgiving!  I’m on it this year.  Well, somewhat anyway…

I’d heard from a friend that Andretti Thrill Park moved their train to the mall for the holiday season.  You might remember Wildman and I riding this train last year on our mother-son date…  Since we were at the mall for Santa anyway, I decided to treat the boys to a train ride too.

The tickets were sold at a kiosk at the other end of the mall which made it difficult for my mom.  She’s still having horrible knee trouble but we eventually made it down to the ticket kiosk slowly but surely.  My mom opted to wait for us on a bench while we took our ride.

Even though we were crowded into a tiny car with another mom and her two girls, we had a great time!  The old guy driving the train didn’t hit anyone, thankfully!  There may have been a couple of near misses…  Good thing he was still spry.

I am so excited for Christmas this year!  I’m tired of the family drama that has plagued us for several years.  I just want to focus on my little family and friends and have a good time this December.  Enough with stress, hurt feelings, secrets, lies and the rest of it!  Let’s just be happy!!!