Bringing the Funk

I could be posting about the Kindergarten Christmas program, helping to pull off one of the best preschool programs evah, participating in a Jingle Bell run, waiting for Santa to drive by on our town’s fire truck, etc.  I could be telling you about all of those fun Christmas-y things that have kept me away from my blog and up late at night working on my many projects but I’m not (but I will)!  I’m going to start with what J and I did on Saturday night.

We were invited to a Disco Funk Christmas Party at a friend’s house.  Luckily, Dr. Cindita was kind enough to send me a disco care package.  She lives in San Francisco so she has access to some of the best clothing, hair and accessories from the 70’s.  So, here I am all dressed up.  Do you like the afro?  Gotta love hair that is twice the size of your head…

I was able to piece together J’s ensemble by making use of Ebay, an after-Halloween 90% off sale and raiding Dr. Cindita’s accessory bag!  I think it came together quite nicely.  I made J buy a package of wife beaters on the day of the  party because we did not have a shirt for him.  I think the tank top worked out perfectly!

We arrived on J’s new motorcycle wearing afros and all!  It was a fun, fun night!