Birthday Flowers

Happy Friday!  I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted…  The past week was filled with fun events in honor of a certain someone turning 4 (Cutie Pie) and another certain someone turning 35 (yours truly).  There were several wonderful dinners with friends and family and more cake and cookies than one should consume in a week.  But it was great.  Really great!  I feel so loved.

I’m sitting here typing up this post as our chicken cooks on it’s beer can stand.  The grill smells heavenly!  Biscuits are in the oven.  The peas will be prepared soon.  The sound of J and the boys constructing a new Lego set is my background music.  I’m so happy J’s home.

J had to leave for DC again this week.  On our birthday.  It wasn’t the best timing in the world but we managed to eek out a nice birthday breakfast before he left.  A colossal chocolate chip pancake for Cutie pie.  Banana Rum Raisin French Toast for me.  Eggs, bacon, hash browns and the biggest biscuit I’ve ever seen for J.

I’ve used the word ‘biscuit’ twice now…

The Friday before J left he came through the door with the most amazing flower arrangement!  When it was placed on our table it was so tall that it reached the chandelier above.  I kept looking at it all week long knowing that he wished he could be here with us.  It was so lovely.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!  I’m off to enjoy a late dinner with my three favorite guys.